Brittany Buyce

Front Office Coordinator
Three Rivers

My current role is Front Desk Coordinator. I love my position and being able to help people daily. I have lots of responsibilities as Front Desk which includes helping anyone that comes in our office and hoping to help them find work. I set a goal daily in hopes to meet them in which one main goal I set daily is to get at least a few people schedule to get them going through our process, so we can help get them a job.  I am very new to being a front desk coordinator. Before working for Access Point I was working in Factories for the past ten years. So helping people find work in the industrial field is exciting especially because I can relate to their wants and needs they are looking for and it helps with finding the right fit.

Being with Access Point for the short time I have has taught me so much already. I am looking forward to seeing what else is ahead. I am very grateful to AccessPoint and our team!! Each office is unique and so helpful. I am grateful for my job with AccessPoint and given the opportunity to work for Access Point especially with me having zero experience. I  strive daily to learn something new and to grow daily by setting goals with myself and with the Three Rivers office.

Outside of AccessPoint, I enjoy being at home with my family, which includes my boyfriend of two and half years, his two lovely sons, and of course my dog. I am very family oriented. I come from a big family. The good lord blessed me with eight sisters and five brothers and with that many siblings I was also blessed with being an aunt to 37 nieces and nephews. Family always comes first to me. With that many siblings, I had to learn patience and what hard work really was at a young age. I believe coming from a big family helped shaped me into who I am today and with my passion for loving to help people.

Hometown: Three Rivers, Michigan


  • Three Rivers High School

Favorite Quote:

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite movie is Clash of the Titans
  • Can’t live without food and Netflix
  • Favorite childhood memory is sledding with my brother and sister