Luis Perez

President & COO
Farmington Hills, Florida, Michigan, Washington, D.C. | Full-Service HR

As President and COO, my main job is executing on our Chairman’s vision. In doing this, I get a flattering amount of autonomy as I oversee many of our day-to-day operations and interact with all of our services teams. While this may sound like a big job, what simplifies it all for me, and for all of us, is our clients. We put our clients at the forefront of all decisions, which clarifies our vision and simplifies our decision-making process. I focus on putting AccessPoint in a position to exceed our clients’ expectations. This starts with giving our team the tools and culture to allow them to excel and provide outstanding service to every client, big and small.

Over my career, I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead many groups of motivated, passionate individuals. I have learned that what I enjoy most is cultivating and leading teams of people who are on a journey to build something great. That is my vision for our team at AccessPoint.

Prior to AccessPoint, I held many leadership roles that revealed my commitment to building collaborative, valuable teams. I began my career as a CPA and primarily in accounting and finance early on. As my career progressed, I found a home in the professional sports industry, taking on accounting roles for the Philadelphia Phillies and Madison Square Garden. Later, I served as the CFO for the Baltimore Ravens for 6 years. I moved to the Detroit area in 2011 to assume the role of Senior Vice President and CFO of the Detroit Lions. After almost 5 years with the Lions, I served as the Executive Vice President and COO of Palace Sports and Entertainment.

When not at work, I spend my free time with my family, my girls Kelly, Allie and Christie and their amazing mom, Joanne.

Hometown: Carteret, New Jersey (though I came to the U.S. from Cuba as a child)


  • The College of New Jersey, BS Accounting
  • Carteret High School

Favorite Quotes: 

“Embrace fear, insecurity and uncertainty as the doors of opportunity that they are.” – Jenny Blake


“When you compete against others, you do so alone.  But when you compete against yourself, everyone wants to help you.” – Simon Sinek

Fun Facts:

  • Favorite holiday is Christmas – I’m still a little kid at Christmas
  • Favorite breakfast food is a ham and cheddar omelet with Cholula hot sauce
  • My perfect day off is up at sunrise alone with a cup of coffee and my laptop or a book, a long run and finish the day off with a cigar at sunset
  • Favorite childhood memory is waking up in the summer, rounding up friends and playing some made-up form of stickball all day until the sun went down