A Proactive Approach to Electronic Health Records

Implementation Overview

With 400+ EMR & Revenue Cycle projects completed, our implementation best practices result from real, proven experience. We strive to use fewer, higher quality consultants to cut costs, streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Driving organizational goals takes more than just getting the implementation right, it’s about innovating across the enterprise for operational improvement.

Simplify End-User Adoption

We work closely with our clients to define a sustainable, super-user strategy that works best for the their healthcare organization. Our main goal for each of our clients is to reach system-wide end-user adoption that spans beyond go-live.

Our team aligns clinical and technical consultants’ expertise to critical areas and reduces the number of resources needed by optimizing support schedules. Our specialists use mobile technology to monitor end-user interactions. We maximize results by mobilizing support to the areas of greatest need and tracking the effectiveness of system usage.

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Reputable Experience

Our best practices are learned by our experience. We have provided services for over 60 hospital and health system clients in 35 states.

Quality Consultants

We pride ourselves on delivering quality support and assistance to your organization. Nearly 65% of our consultants have clinical backgrounds.

Proven Results

Our team has completed over 400 EMR and Revenue Cycle projects. We use this experience to provide streamlined solutions that ensure end-user adoption.

Our M4 Process

At AccessPoint, we are focused on delivering at the highest level of quality. Central to our approach is our M4 Process, a proven method developed by AccessPoint that helps facilitate a efficient, data-driven implementation process. Our commitment to improved end-user adoption is made possible by this unique process.

What is M4?

M4 is a proprietary process developed by AccessPoint to make adoption of clinical and financial applications easier and to guarantee the best use of our consultants.

M4 was named for the four critical areas upon which the process relies:

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At the core of our implementation process is our project management best practices. We use procedures that have been defined and refined over hundreds of activations.


We use mobile technology systems to gather real time data on the interactions of our consultants with your end-user clinical personnel. The collected data is analyzed and charted to reveal key trends. Our team uses these trends to inform the next steps.


We work with our clients to adjust and optimize project logistics based on our informed data analysis. Our primary focus is to support physicians and clinicians who need the most assistance.


Our team stays on to sustain and support our clients through the implementation process. We continue to revisit M4 to help drive adoption until our goal is reached.

M4 Outcomes

Our clients have realized the following benefits as a result of using M4:

  • Greater adoption of clinical, financial, and scheduling applications via the ability to track issues and interactions by end user
  • Improved return on investment resulting from the ability to redeploy consultants during training and go-live projects to the point of greatest need
  • Enhanced ability to anticipate post-project issues and put remediation plans in place in advance

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